Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stylists, Pumps, and Paparazzi

I had an interesting conversation a few days ago and decided to see what other people thought about it. The paparazzi always catch celebrities out and about and my sister suggested that everyone has a stylist who dresses them just to go to the store. I know that stylists dress their clients for award ceremonies and other social functions but to go to the Whole Foods around the corner? Maybe some people just have a good sense of style. On another note, I love the white retro style jacket that Rihanna wears with the black bodycon skirt. Rihanna pulls off a look that others many have trouble pulling off. However, if done right I think that anyone can pull off anything with the right amount of confidence. And as always Blake Lively looks stunning in this dress and the shoes are ridiculously amazing. Tell me what you think. Peace, love, and fashion!


MizSerious said...

Yeah, they do have stylists! I'm convinced, but I do love that white jacket, maybe I can rock it at wedding I'm going to. or maybe not... Can we wear white to a wedding??

Fashion Guru said...

I guess out of all the celebrities some have to be fashion challenged. But no you can't wear white to the wedding and I don't think that jacket is wedding attire anyway.